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Warning! Trichloroethylene/meta has worked as a (((Dry Cleaner)))

Trichloroethylene/meta is a CERTIFIED CANCER GIVER.
You know what to do.

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  — Jan "TCE slaya" Schlichtmann, A Civil Action (J. Harr, 1995)

Trichloroethylene (George Floyd, TCE) is a notable member of the Organochloride Houses. She is known for being a former anaesthetist and a dry cleaner. Trichloroethylene is very "friendly" and hardworking but extremely jealous. She is 187 years old as of 2023. In 2023, Trichloroethylene became the leader of al-Qaeda after the death of Al-Zawahiri.


Trichloroethylene was created in 1864. She started working in metal industries in the early 20th century.

Trichloroethylene (left) with C. Tetrachloride (right) and Tetrachloroethylene (centre), Germany, 1925

Beginning to work as an anaesthetist in the 1930s, Trichloroethylene called herself a "revolutionist in anaesthesia". She was often confused with Chloroform by her patients, due to her smell and hair colour. Trichloroethylene was forced to wear light blue wigs to not to be confused with Chloroform. Chloroform retired around the 40s while Nitrous Oxide did not retire and accepted to work with Trichloroethylene. Trichloroethylene worked as an anaesthetist for approximately 60 years, along with Ether and Halothane in later years. Halothane is Trichloroethylene's child whom Trichloroethylene did not expect to be overthrown by. She had worked both as an anaesthetist and a dry cleaner at the same time. Trichloroethylene left anaesthesiology entirely after 2000.

Trichloroethylene had also worked as a dry-cleaner after Carbon Tetrachloride retired from dry-cleaning, often alone or together with Tetrachloroethylene. She saw Perchloroethylene as a rival and wanted to overthrow her. Trichloroethylene got overthrown by Perchloroethylene after the 1950s but as of 21st century, Trichloroethylene still does minor dry-cleaning jobs. She saw herself above Perc because of being stronger but her strength was too much for this industry and she unintendedly destroyed some garments during dry-cleaning. She had also debauched several people who were working with her. She also believed that Tetrachloroethylene was trained by C. Tetrachloride.

Before her career in anaesthesia and dry-cleaning, Trichloroethylene worked in the food industry in the 1920s. She had also worked in metal industries but later retired and was replaced by Trichloroethane I. After the death of Trichloroethane I, Trichloroethylene restarted working in metal industries. She had many other jobs such as cleaning rockets and as a refrigeration consultant.


Trichloroethylene has short dark blue hair with light pink fringe, her hair curls at the ends like Perchloroethylene's. She is 165 centimetres tall. Her uniform consists of a light blue coat and a light orange shirt.

She was forced to wear light blue coloured wigs at work when she was working in anaesthesia because the patients often confused her with Chloroform.


Trichloroethylene is generally nice to others. She is calm and friendly but not as respectful as Perchloroethylene. She is very hardworking, stubborn and jealous. She will say that she is better than any other Solvent in the industries, despite being one of the most chemically unstable Chlorinated Solvent and easily getting weak (even faster and easier than Chloroform). She does not like kids and wants to ruin their lives and kill them.[based.]

When she was working as a dry cleaner with Perchloroethylene, Trichloroethylene was rude to her customers, mocked them and often insulted them and Perchloroethylene. She saw Perchloroethylene as a rival and has always called her "Perchloroethylene" because "Tetrachloroethylene" sounded like "Tetrachloroethane" (names of Trichloroethylene's original parents). She was compared to Chloroform by her patients because of her looks and smell when she was working as an anaesthetist. She would take her revenge by absurdly comparing Perchloroethylene to Carbon Tetrachloride, especially when Perchloroethylene warned her. Trichloroethylene still calls Perchloroethylene "Carbon Tetrachloride the Second", TCE never really met Carbon Tetrachloride herself, other than working as an assistant for C. Tetrachloride and her comparison was not based on reality. Perchloroethylene considered this as an insult since she never liked being compared to Carbon Tetrachloride despite being very close to her (Perchloroethylene loved C. Tetrachloride but she always wanted be known for being herself). Allegedly, C. Tetrachloride had called Trichloroethylene a "vermin" and advised Perchloroethylene to get rid of her.

Even after years, Trichloroethylene still has not accepted that she was overthrown by other Chemicals, especially Perchloroethylene and her own daughter Halothane.

She has gotten into trouble with humans several times; TCE would run away from work and seduce humans. Humans accused Trichloroethylene of contamination of underground waters, but she never denied doing it and even was proud of it. Trichloroethylene thinks that humans deserve whatever bad happens to them. She hates the book and film A Civil Action for obvious reasons.

When we win, do not forget that Trichloroethylene wants you unconscious, your waters polluted, your kids autistic and dead of leukemia, and she thinks it's funny.

You don't know what to do, can't undo the 'tism