Carbon Disulphide

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Carbon Disulphide is a minor character in Chemical Culture. He works in the textile industry and pest control for farms. He is over 220 years old. C. Sulphide is working in the fumigation of humans' farms.


Carbon Disulphide is a mysterious guy at first but gets weirder as you spend more time with him. He is very fluent in Swedish.

C. Disulphide is very manipulative and he can affect anyone easily. He can make humans go insane and get physically sick if he's triggered. He was a large influence for Carbon Tetrachloride (also his daughter) and tried to make her think she is inorganic while he opposed the strict organic/inorganic classification. He also made C. Tetrachloride accept her real self.

C. Disulphide loves turning away...

You can trigger C. Disulphide by simply calling him "Methanedithione".


Carbon Disulphide has blond-dyed grey hair. He has brown eyes. He wears scary masks similar to Japanese oni masks. He is 1.8m tall. His friends say that he "actually smells nice but wants to smell bad".