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Fernia is unrelated to Chemical Culture!
The topic of this page unrelated to the Chemical Culture project, Fernia has a page on this site for archival purposes.

Fernindalian Republic (Фернинда́ата Репꙋбли́ка, Fernindáata Republíka) or Fernia (Фернїѩ́ата, Fernjijáata) is a country in the Fernindalian Island along with Fernindalian Republic of Toherheim and Illetia . The capital is Valzuc (Ваљзꙋк, valjzwk) and the biggest city is Tsizhanzha (Ћижанжа́). The country is known for rich underground sources and long railways. The official language is Fernian.

Flag of Fernia (Fernjijaáta se tagran) since 2011

Fernindalian Republic itself has also other surrounding islands such as Communist Autonomous Republic of Ramnuglian Island (CARI, Рамынꙋа́ата се Ко́ммыныћта Аꙋтонома́ Репꙋбли́ка [РКАР]) and Jagotsyk Island of Valzuc (Ѧгоцык) as provinces.

Fernindalian Island with Fernia at north


Fernindalian Republic was founded by the native Teodoraevu se Tabriannan (1890-1980) in 1940 after the fall of Kingdom of Fernia. Teodoraevu was a republican communist. Fernians adopted the Cyrillic script in 1894 after the communication issues with traditional Fernian script caused. The Fernian Latin alphabet was started to be used after 1950s but it declined over time.

The 8 stars in the flag represent the eight unfortunate princes.

Between 1902 and 1939, Fernia had no government or any kind of ruler but it was remembered as a monarchy. The people did not notice the lack of rulers. The law was executed as written in books, without needing any rulers.