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Pyrexia is unrelated to Chemical Culture!
The topic of this page unrelated to the Chemical Culture project, Pyrexia has a page on this site for archival purposes.

Pyrexia, or less commonly Febris, is the personification of fever in Miaverse. Pyrexia's only ability is mind control. She has the ability to raise a person's body temperature by only changing the set point which is stronger than Hyperthermia's body control ability. But unlike Mer, Pyrexia is doing this for the person's own good as a protection.

As one of the main entities of Miaverse, Pyrexia is not known for killing humans. She rarely does harm to humans and those are unintentional. It is called hyperpyrexia when her fevers go too high and become harmful and have a similar effect to Hyperthermia's power.

Pyrexia does not have a "true name" (like Nóra Noki of Hypothermia and Zora Ada of Hyperthermia). She has been known with her epithet "The Lady of Fevers".


Pyrexia is a very tall woman with a height of nearly 190 centimetres; although not taller than Mer, she's taller than Mia. She has short curly blond hair. Her eyes are purple coloured. Pyrexia does not have a specific style and can wear anything she likes. She is often seen wearing vests and skirts. Pyrexia likes wearing red.

She has a deep voice.

Pyrexia has a reflection. People with fevers usually encounter her in their sleep. Like the other two, only people with her condition can see her reflection, she is physically visible to all humans.


Pyrexia is somewhat protective. As respective as she is, Pyrexia wants humans to be thankful to her and not try to lower her fevers. She is not very different from Hypothermia and Hyperthermia as Mer suggests. Pyrexia is much more honest than the other two.

Like Mia, Pyrexia also has a heavy dislike of technology and medicine.

Relation to Hyperthermia

As both Pyrexia and Hyperthermia are responsible for high body temperatures in humans, they are often confused.


Her early life and history with humans are not very clear. She was first recorded in around 400 BC as Pyretos which was a masculine Greek name. Pyrexia was worshipped by the Romans who named her Febris. At one point, humans realised that Pyrexia was actually helping them.

In the modern age, humans have a great prejudice against Pyrexia and her fevers. Humans think that she would kill or maim their kids and they do everything to avoid her fevers.


  • Febris is her Latin name and Pyrexia is her Greek name.
  • While hyperpyrexia refers to uncontrollably high fevers, some believe that there are two separate entities named Hyperpyrexia and Hypopyrexia. However this was disproven.

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