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Hyperthermia, called Mer for short, is the one who's responsible for raising humans' body temperatures.

Hyperthermia is unrelated to Chemical Culture!
The topic of this page unrelated to the Chemical Culture project, Hyperthermia has a page on this site for archival purposes.

The name Mer is her preference, she uses this alias since she realised that hyperthermia and hypothermia have very similar sounding pronunciations. Mer doesn't want to be confused with hypothermia or fever. Hyperthermia appears to victims in a look that they can get manipulated by; this could include revealing clothes.

Mer can raise a human's body temperature from outside while not affecting the hypothalamus, meaning she can't make fevers but can cause heat strokes. While her mind control power isn't as strong as Mia's, Mer still can cause hallucinations and can appear as a "reflection" to her victims.


Hyperthermia has dark skin similar to sun tan; this is not caused by any sun exposure and this is her natural skin colour. Her hair appears to be black, brown and blond. She is taller than Mia. However they are not related. Mer has purple eyes that can appear slightly greenish/greyish. She wore her hair in dreadlocks for years.


Mer wears covering, red, orange, brown and black clothes with different sun symbols. Since she does not have a fixed body temperature (poikilothermic), the outside temperature can affect her body temperature but does not have any negative effects like on human bodies. Despite being almost two metres tall, Mer wears long heels.


Hyperthermia seems like a jealous person at first or a "weird serial killer". She wants people to know her better and respect her. Mer does not like being compared or mixed up with fever. Mer's favourite activity is to hang around in deserts and mountains. She likes getting involved in trades.


With Hypothermia

Mer and Hypothermia are "good friends". It is unknown when they met. Mer does not like the medical condition of hypothermia, not Mia herself, because hyperthermia is frequently known as "the opposite of hypothermia" and Hyperthermia does not "live to oppose hypothermia". They are not sisters as many think.

With Ms Pyrexia

Pyrexia is fever herself and Mer does not like her. Dislike, not hate. Hyperthermia thinks hate is a strong emotion and Pyrexia is not worth hating. Mer met with her after human interaction, before then, she was unaware of fever. Mer has never heard of fever before humans and thinks fever is human-made.


Hyperthermia is originally from Mesopotamia. She travelled through Africa and Asia for her whole life to find someone who was like her. She used the name Zora Ada to refer to herself. Mer met with Mia in much later centuries. They didn't need to speak to each other, they understood each other at first glance.


  • Mer cannot cry or sweat.
  • Mer speaks an ancient non-human language with Mia which cannot be represented by human letters/alphabets.
  • She can also be called "Mia" but does not want to
  • She does not like walking around, always sits on something.
  • The name "Mer" comes from how she pronounces her name, "he-pehr-tem-mehr"