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Hypothermia, also known as Mia for short, is the personification of the hypothermia condition in Miaverse. She is a four-dimensional entity. Mia has very strong mind and body control powers over humans, hence she is responsible for lowering people's body temperatures. She can appear as a physical person or as a hallucination to hypothermic victims. Contrary to the popular belief that she has freezing powers, she cannot freeze anything.

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Despite people's representations and thoughts about Hypothermia being deadly and scary, Mia can be actually pretty protective towards her victims.

Hyperthermia is the opposite of Hypothermia; besides of being opposites they have a good relationship.


Hypothermia never smiles.

Mia appears to her victims as a ghostlike being (reflection). This way, she's considered as a "semi-physical humanoid entity". Hypothermia does not mimic humans, her real form is humanlike. Some people say that her human alikeness is only on the outside; she might be totally different from humans on the inside. One of the most known differences of Mia is that her being a poikilotherm. She does not have a belly button since she was not born. Mia is 1,85 metre tall.

Mia has bluish pale skin, purple to blue eyes, and dyed white hair. Mia's natural hair colour is a very dark black with a bluish glow. Hypothermia's hair is curly in origin. She has a grey piercing in her left eyebrow. Mia wears black eye makeup which she makes it look like flowing down. Mia's lips have a very pale blue tone, Mia paints her upper lip black and lower lip purple with some "mysterious" lipstick. Hypothermia sometimes wears black and purple locks in her hair. The hair for locks was obtained from her now-dead victims. She previously wore her real hair in dreadlocks.

Differences between her physical form and reflection form

  • The reflection has a pale blue tint no matter the lighting, physical form has pale white skin which can have different coloured tint from lighting.
  • Physical form has a damaged deep voice while the reflection’s voice is much cleaner and flawless.
  • The reflection cannot resist heat, high temperatures can cause “incomprehensible changes”. Physical form of Mia can resist higher temperatures.
  • The physical form’s outfit can get dirty and hair can get wet; her dress hem can get muddy, her hair can lose styled shape from water. The reflection is not affected by mud and rain/snow; the dress and hair are perfect and untouched.


Mia adapted the human fashion style around after the 1810s, before then she wore robes she made from leather, vividly coloured silks, gold jewellery and fur obtained from her victims. Despite not feeling cold, she wore coats and gloves. Hypothermia wore warm colours such as red and yellow often. She was mostly seen with a fur-trimmed dark blue coat. Her shoes were made of brown leather and laced up to the knees.

Her previous hairstyles included dreadlocks with jewels. She dyed her dreadlocks red.

Mia's new style after 1990s was all about corsets, garters and long boots; like a late-Victorian/Edwardian revival. Mia frequently wears long gloves.

She is a very experienced tailor, Hypothermia sews all of her clothes by hand. None of her clothes has zippers or velcro used. Mia never wears synthetic fabrics. Most of her clothes are made of silk or cotton.

Known physiology

Not much about Mia's physiology is known. Many people think that she has a constant body temperature that is lower than the water's freezing point. The reason why she has such a low body temperature is that she lives in cold weather. Unlike humans, Mia's body temperature is not constant. She's poikilothermic, which means that her body temperature changes with the outside. Due to lack of inability of breeding in her "species"[1], Mia is eventually asexual. Mia's voice got deeper over time, she had been shouting a lot in wars and this has damaged her voice. People who had encountered Mia before the 19th century described her voice as "angelic" or "divine", now she sounds like a man imitating a woman's voice according to modern encounter reports.


Mia is much more merciful than Mer. Though Mia looks scary, cold, unfriendly or evil, she actually isn't. Mia is a very serious person. Mia does not talk much, not because she may be shy, but for being half-mute due to old age.

Behaviour towards humans

Hypothermia has a tendency to scare people, especially very young, very old or sick ones who are in cold. She does this to protect them and to tell them to go back to warmth, not to harm them. Mia has such protective behaviours, she does not like to harm. After she "freezes" them (lowering their body temperatures), she gives them another chance to be rescued. Mia silently and painlessly kills her victims. She kills thousands of people every year. Hypothermia's main targets are homeless people, alcoholics, poor people, the elderly, males and mountaineers.

Mia hates technology and the internet. The technology also includes heaters and medical equipment. For "business" and contact with humans, Hypothermia uses one of her Garfield telephones. When she's done, she throws them at the sea.

Mia has been called out by The Institute of Combustion (TIC) for being brutal and heartless by freezing humans and killing them. As a response, Mia compiled the fire-related deaths between 1910-1950 and made a 400-page essay. TIC did not reply.

Relationship with Hyperthermia

Mia and Hyperthermia have good relations besides being polar opposites. It is unknown when or how they met, they came across each other somewhere in Asia and understood that they had similar abilities.

Relationship with Frostbite and Cold Stress

Frostbite is one of Mia's friends and somewhat a "partner in crime". They met at Mt Everest. Cold Stress is their butler and Mia's messenger.

Relationship with animals

Mia had several arctic "pets". She loves Canada lynxes and has two as pets. Hypothermia also kills vulnerable animals in the cold.


Hypothermia has no age. She lived through many historical events but she either did not know or did not want to get involved. Mia has only cared about what she is supposed to do. Mia still does not get involved in other human events, she is only involved in shipwrecks, mountain incidents, avalanches etc. as human events. Mia lived in very cold places and still does. She went to Mt Everest several times before, for "hunting" victims or for just travel. Frostbite, or Tenzin whom she would be friends with, has heard that someone else was "in duty for freezing and killing mountaineers" and took offence. He called her for a duello fight and he won.

Mia's real name is Nóra Noki (Νωρα Νοκί in Greek, Но́ра Нокї in Slavic languages). "Nóra Noki" is thought to be a romanisation of her name in her non-human language.

Hypothermia was named "General Asphyxia" by Moricheau-Beaupré in 1823.[2] Asphyxia actually means something else; an organism's lack of access to oxygen.

Historical Encounters


  • One of the first known portraits of Mia was made in between 1150~1400 and it was the first depiction of the phenomenon of “paradoxical undressing”. The artist, location or victim is unknown. Nothing was written about this possible encounter event. It is unknown how the artist knew about Mia and the paradoxical undressing phenomenon. The illustration portrays a woman sitting on the snow next to her removed fur coat, praying to a taller woman in a dark blue dress trimmed with fur. The taller woman has hair in dreadlocks which was unusual for the era and with a halo, she was portrayed like a saint.
  • The first ever mention of the named “Nóra Noki” was in a panel painting from the 1200s. The female figure in the painting was very similar to the first paradoxical undressing painting.


  • Mia cannot say some letters.
  • She actually likes the name "Hypothermia", but she finds it hard to pronounce
  • Mia also can speak an ancient non-human language that cannot be written
  • She stands with a still upright position

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