Hydrogen Cyanide

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Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN, Horace Nightingale) is one of the Cyanides.

HCN has dark brown curly hair and beautiful dark blue eyes like other cyanides. He smokes a lot but still doesn't smell like cigarettes somehow. He has a very deep voice.


Hydrogen Cyanide is a very cultured but equally abusive man. His favourite band is Modern Talking.

Hydrogen Cyanide checks all cyanides if they caused a disaster (like what Acrylonitrile did after an earthquake in 1999) or poisoned someone. He send death threats to his younger sister Acetonitrile. Hydrogen Cyanide is called "Cyanide Lord" by his friends. H. Cyanide controls all cyanides and nitriles. He will just punish anyone who does not respect him. He is known for his extreme abusive behaviour towards humans. H. Cyanide is the owner and main editor of "poiZINEous" magazine. His crimes cannot be kept track of. H. Cyanide has been killing humans since mid-18th century. His favourite person is Acrylonitrile, defines her as a high potential toxin.

Some say that Acetone was H. Cyanide's "guilty love"; as a very toxic Chemical, he felt guilt about falling in love with a non-toxic Chemical.