Sulphuric Acid

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Sulphuric Acid is one of the Acidic Triad (others are Hydrochloric and Nitric Acids). She is a very rich and respectable Chemicals. She's been known for centuries and named "Lady of Vitriol" by alchemists. She is referred to as "The Queen of Chemicals" because of her unavoidable dominance in many industries.


Sulphuric Acid has pale, greyish skin, curly dark blonde hair and black-coloured eyes. She is taller than Hydrochloric Acid (1.8m himself).

Sulphuric Acid's 2021 design

She has blue, green and red jewellery made of various sulphate minerals called vitriols. She refuses to wear a uniform or anything formal. Her clothes are the edge of disintegration.


Sulphuric Acid is not nice most of the time, she is very violent. She is addicted to power and spreads fear among Chemical and humans, forcing them to respect her. She forces other Chemicals (especially the organic folks) into reactions with herself.

Sulphuric Acid acknowledges the existence of the Acids stronger than her. She never challenges them and respects them.