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Diethyl Ether (Theresa Elliott), or simply Ether for short, is an anesthetist. She is the daughter of Ethanol and Sulphuric Acid. Ether is approximately 1000 years old. She became famous because both of her mothers are famous. As an Ether, she has anaesthetic powers. She is considered to be German, but she could also have Catalan and Persian or Arabian origins.

Early life

Diethyl Ether is the daughter of Ethanol and Sulphuric Acid, says she is "at least 550 years old". She was first recognised by various alchemists and named "Maiden of Vitriol" (because of her other mother, Sulphuric Acid being known as the mother of "Vitriol" children [Sulphates]). Ether was then inaccurately accepted as a sulphur compound. She was named "Ether" in the 18th century.

She began to work as an anaesthetist in 1846 and became popular the rest of the century. Ether's fame quickly spread to the world in both medicine and entertainment, thanks to Ethanol who also was an anaesthetist at one point. She competed with Chloroform and Nitrous Oxide who were also new anaesthetists. Ether and Chloroform went to wars as doctors together. All three of them were widely respected by humans for their pioneering work in anaesthesia. Ether also worked with Ethyl Chloride, another anaesthetist who is one of Ethanol's children and also her "boyfriend".

She entirely retired from anaesthesia by the 1970s. Ether admits that she was not a good anaesthetist, however, never admits the fact that she has used her mothers' fames to get to "somewhere" in life.

Ether has made and served drinks in Ireland, Russia and Poland, also possibly in Ukraine and Germany. She was banned from serving drinks in Ireland, 1890.


Ether has dark red hair and purple-coloured eyes. She often styles her hair into twin tails or wears a bunny ears hat. She has a very sweet smell that people mistake for a perfume.

Ether has changed her uniform from red to purple because her hair is red itself and it looked "ridiculous" to her. She usually wears simple clothing with elaborate jewellery.


Ether is very friendly and nice to talk with, but can be very aggressive if provoked. She is generally helpful and harmless. Ether is well-educated on topics such as mathematics, physics, alchemy, medicine and languages since she was created in the Alchemy Era. Ether absolutely hates heat or enclosed spaces and she is afraid of sparks.

Just like her mother Ethanol, there is an inaccurate "perpetually drunk" stereotype of Diethyl Ether. Ether hates this but does not really care about what people thinks about her.


As an anaesthetist, Ether worked with Chloroform, Nitrous Oxide, Ethyl Chloride and Trichloroethylene.

With her mothers

Diethyl Ether was "raised" and educated by Ethanol alone, Sulphuric Acid was not involved anything after Ether's creation. Ether idolised Ethanol and wanted to be like her, some say Ether tried to be an Ethanol copycat by serving diethyl ether-based drinks to humans. Ether never spoke to Sulphuric Acid and avoided her at all costs, Ether is the opposite of Sulphuric Acid with her friendliness and respectfulness.

With Chloroform

Chloroform often saw Ether as a "burden" to work with; Ether was too slow-working and often got very angry at the smallest things. Chloroform has said "Ether is good at anything, even medicine, but she is not suitable for working as an anaesthetist: she is too weak" about her. They became friends after both retired, now they both say that they were friends when they were working together (which was an obvious lie).