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You know what to do.

Ethanol, or Ethyl Alcohol, is the most known member of the Alcohol Dynasty and one of the main characters of Chemical Culture. She is mainly associated with beverages she makes and her works on fuels. She is known as The Lady of Alcohols.


Ethanol is a moderately tall woman with long light red hair. She has dark purple eyes and three vertical stripes which are characteristic to Alcohols under her eyes. Ethanol has a mild and sweet odour to herself but uses perfumes very often. Ethanol almost always wears colourful and modern suits during work, as opposed to her sister Methanol's black-focused and old-styled clothing.


Ethanol is generally friendly; she would like to listen to you even though she has so much work to do. Due to living with humans for thousands of years, Ethanol has developed a very human-like personality. She just hates the "perpetually drunk" stereotype which is entirely inaccurate since Ethanol cannot get drunk by any way possible.


With other Alcohols

Ethanol loves other Alcohols and loves to work with them except for Methanol. She has a friendly competition with Isopropyl Alcohol and her company. Ethanol openly hates Methanol and sees Methanol as an evil doppelganger of herself. Whenever Methanol poisons people in mass, Ethanol has to be the "hero" and save them before any bad consequence happens to humans.

With her children

Ethanol has avoided/abandoned almost all of her children but Diethyl Ether, Ethanol specifically educated and spent time with Ether. She never liked or respected Acetaldehyde and saw her as a "useless child" and an "intermediate" to her grand-daughter Acetic Acid. Ethanol taught how to Acetic Acid make drinks (which are called vinegar) from fruits and created Ethyl Acetate with her.

Early life

Ethanol's origin is not clear and she has been along with humanity for several millenia. She was (and still is) known for drinks she makes for humans. This led to her being called "the Chemical best friend of humans".