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Formaldehyde or Methanal (Margaret Allegra) is a mortician and embalmer. She is better known for her embalming work. Formaldehyde is Methanol's daughter.

Early life

Formaldehyde was created in Russia in 1859. She was later identified in Germany. She has always spoken German in her life. Formaldehyde got into embalming in 1893 with the help and support of her mother.

Formaldehyde in 1909

Formaldehyde "married" Phenol in 1909, in New York. They opened world's first synthetic plastic factory together. Their work did well in the first years and the sales were going up every year.


Despite being portrayed as "harsh" and "evil" by others, Formaldehyde is one of the most careful Chemicals. She was grown with a great urge to be a poison and ended up working together with humans. She wanted to follow her mother's steps because she mistook Methanol for a "villain", later in her life, Formaldehyde realised that evil and good were just human values. She has accepted her toxicity as her own "nature" which cannot be changed. Formaldehyde is still often portrayed as evil by humans.

Formaldehyde wants everything clean and sterilised. Just like Isopropyl Alcohol, she cannot stand filth. She would rather hang out with Solvents than humans.

Physical appearance

Formaldehyde has straight blond hair that was previously dyed blue as her brother Dimethyl Ether did. She cuts her hair frequently because she does not want her hair to get dirty during work.

Formaldehyde almost always wears a bleached lab coat, even over her uniform.


Formaldehyde has three sons: Formic Acid, Pentaerythritol, Methanediol, and two daughters; Bischloromethyl Ether, Acrolein. Both Pentaerythritol and Acrolein are from Acetaldehyde. She has dated Urea, Acetone, Hydrochloric Acid, Acetaldehyde, Ammonia and also married to Phenol in 1909.