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Phenol (Philip Konietzko) is an industrial Chemical person. Phenol is an entrepreneur in various industries. He is German.

Early life

Phenol's existence was first reported in 1834 when he was named Carbolic Acid.

Phenol in the 19th century[1]

In the 1860s, Phenol got a job as a doctor for humans. He was given the duty of cleaning wounds, he was very successful and saved many people from deadly infections. He was very serious about his work and became widely known for saving people's lives. Phenol enjoyed the fame, hearing the news about his success in decreasing mortality in surgeries made him greatly proud, being in a medical setting gave him great pleasure.

Just less than a century after, Phenol was taken by Nazis to "work" with them. As opposed to his life-saving work of the last century, this time he killed people as executions.


Phenol is a narcissist. He can not have any serious relationships with others and will be abusive towards them. Phenol threatens almost everyone by telling them "I'm not someone to mess around with. Keep in mind what I can do and act accordingly." He has no sense of humour and never jokes.

Phenol enjoys making whiskey for himself.

Physical appearance

Phenol is pale-skinned man with black hair. Phenol has the typical hydroxy marks under his eyes which is mostly associated with Alcohols. Since he is not an Alcohol and does not want the marks to be seen, he hides them with make-up.


Phenol had a very brief relationship with Acetone and they made Bisphenol A in the 1890s. Acetone now avoids him. Phenol had married to Formaldehyde in 1909 and opened world's first synthetic plastic factory together.

Phenol currently works with Chloroform in a forensics laboratory for humans.


  1. Image is AI-generated