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Frostbite is unrelated to Chemical Culture!
The topic of this page unrelated to the Chemical Culture project, Frostbite has a page on this site for archival purposes.

Frankie Burns, better known as Frostbite in the human society, is a main character in Miaverse. He causes frostbite and chilblains in humans.

He has actual freezing powers, which his Mistress Hypothermia clearly is lack of. He can freeze any liquid or gas into solids, he uses this power to freeze human tissues. He has an incredibly deep bass voice.


Frankie is a very feminine man; he has feminine behaviours and looks. He has long black-white hair. He wears white make up. Frankie likes wearing fancy dresses with shiny frost designs. He has rows of pointy teeth (hence frostbite). He likes to smile and show his teeth.

Personality and Relationships

Unlike Mia, Frostbite does not care about his victims being in danger. He allegedly has hand and foot fetish.[1] He has attraction to human males who spend their times outside.

He is very effeminate, behaves almost like a parody of Hypothermia. Frostbite calls her "Mistress". Cold Stress is his and her butler who behaves and looks like a crossover between them. Frostbite has never met with Hyperthermia and Pyrexia.


Nothing other than him being from the Mt Everest is known. He knew about existence of Hypothermia and always considered her as someone who had same ability as him. Frostbite fought with Hypothermia in a duello when they first met and he realised that in reality, they did not share same abilities.


  • Only Frostbite calls himself "Frankie Burns", humans just called him "Frostbite" for over 200 years. His actual name is Tenzin, but only Mia calls him Tenzin.
  • Contrary to a popular belief, his fingers and toes are not dark coloured, his skin colour is same in every spot.
  • He is considered as a Tibetan for being from Mt Everest.
  • Frankie wants to kill Hypothermia.
  • Frostbite is afraid of fire and heat.
  • He lives in a small church-like house made of ice.

  1. (eww gross bastard)