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Methanol (Methyl Alcohol or Martha Albrecht) is a main character in Chemical Culture. She is the mother of Formaldehyde and Dimethyl Ether, Formic Acid's grandma. She is a successful entrepreneur in the wood industry. She is a kind person and calls everyone "sweetie".

Early life

Methanol is originally Egyptian. She moved to Ireland in the 17th century, this is the only record. She worked as a woodcutter for her whole life. She lived inside forests and sold wood to humans without any suspicion.

Formic Acid and Methanol

During her Ancient Egyptian life, Methanol worked as an embalmer.


Methanol is a kind and very welcoming person. She likes humans in a very unusual and creepy way. As an Ancient Egyptian, she loves cats. Methanol treats her daughter, Formaldehyde, with care, love and respect while she estranged her son Dimethyl Ether. Many Chemicals like her as a friend.

Out of the Alcohols, Methanol is the biggest hater of Ethanol. Methanol is a very civilised person, therefore her hate of Ethanol is not verbal or physical. She expresses her hate by doing whatever Ethanol is up to. In turn, Ethanol hates her.


Methanol has dyed purple hair which was red naturally. Methanol's hair is in a braid and always wrapped around her head. Her hair is slightly curly and at waist level. She has unusually shaped eyebrows. Her eyes are purple and her eyelids are always low. Methanol has three stripes under each of her eyes which is present in alcohols. Despite dressing up and behaving like a grandma, her face looks like that of a 45-to-50-year-old female human. She wears black makeup which does not go well with her soft face shape.

Methanol wears gothic and black styles since the late-19th century. Her casual outfit consists of a black woollen turtleneck sweater, white-red vertical striped vest, long black skirt with a white petticoat under and black leather boots with heels. Methanol can be seen with a black long coat and black leather gloves.