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Chloromethane or Methyl Chloride (named himself Connor Martin) is a Chemical who works as a refrigeration consultant for humans. He disappears very frequently. As of 2023, he is 188 years old. Chloromethane has a history in anaesthesia but it is often missed when humans talk about him and he never mentions it either.

Personality and relationships

Chloromethane has always been a strict person towards others including his siblings. He never felt close to his older sister Carbon Tetrachloride and treated her this way. He is extroverted and helpful, yet still cold toward everyone, he does not understand human humour and cannot laugh at jokes. Chloromethane can get very angry if triggered. He left his siblings some time ago and refuses to contact them, Chloromethane thinks they are "batshit insane". He is afraid of Dichloromethane and C. Tetrachloride but has only once appreciated Chloroform for saving lives. He calls her a troglodyte regardless. Chloromethane has shouted at his siblings countless times, they just tolerate his behaviour.


Chloromethane has light pink and dark blue hair. The colour ratio is 3/4 pink and 1/4 blue. His eyes are red coloured. He is 176 centimetres tall, making him three centimetres taller than his older sister Chloroform.