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Hexachloroethane is the last Chlorinated Ethane and works in human military. Like other Total Chlorocarbons like Carbon Tetrachloride and Tetrachloroethylene, Hexachloroethane has also worked as a veterinary doctor. He has lived in the United States and India. He is the father of C. Tetrachloride Tetrachloroethylene and Hexachlorobutadiene (HCBD). Hexachloroethane named himself Xavier Coleman.


He is about 2 metres tall. He has curly, long, dark blue hair.


Hexachloroethane is very confident in himself. It is speculated that he hates black people.

Early life and family

Hexachloroethane was created in 1820 together with C. Tetrachloride in England. His other daughter Tetrachloroethylene was created in 1839, in France. Hexachloroethane had difficulties in telling these two apart despite the differences in appearance and smell. He even thought the two were the same person. His confusion survived until the execution of Carbon Tetrachloride but he still thinks Tetrachloroethylene is the older one.

Like two of his daughters, he has worked as a veterinary doctor specialising in parasites.