Vinyl Chloride

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You know what to do.

Vinyl Chloride (2019)

Vinyl Chloride is an Organochloride, he is the first member of the Chloroethene family. Vinyl Chloride has his own factories that produce PVC products. He has had various controversies (such as contamination issues) with humans. He named himself Victor Eccleston. As of 2024, he is 188 years old.


Vinyl Chloride has fluffy, unkept, wavy light pink hair with dark blue fringes. He has an ugly face and he is short (about 1.57m). He has weird skin and wrinkles easily in any movement.


Vinyl Chloride is a polymer industry entrepreneur. He is very famous in many industries and respected by humans. Vinyl Chloride had worked as an anaesthetist but left the field due to disputes with humans.

Personality and relationships

Vinyl Chloride is generally a very serious and cold person who can get really angry if provoked. He does not like talking about anything other than work. He is very proud of himself and his work. He does not talk with his siblings or cousins, Vinyl Chloride only talks with Chemicals and humans that he can work with. He only listens to music on phonograph records.

Vinyl Chloride's father is Dichloroethane II. Other Chloroethenes (such as Trichloroethylene and Tetrachloroethylene) are his younger siblings. His younger brother Vinylidene Chloride has also worked in polymer industries but failed to keep. Vinyl Chloride has an "interest" in Trichloroethylene.