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Dichloromethane (DCM for short, Methylene Chloride or the name he gave himself: Melvin Claudio Martin) is a Chemical who works in various industries. He is the second of the Chloromethanes House. As of 2023, he is 184 years old.

Early life and family

Dichloromethane is from France, he is fluent in English and German. He has not done any notable work previously, other than building strange toys and general "solvent work".

DCM in his uniform

Dichloromethane loves Chloromethane and his older sister (and daughter) Chloroform but he hates his sister Carbon Tetrachloride. DCM told C. Tetrachloride to "domesticate herself", who occasionally calls him a "degenerate", for having human-like actions and speech.


Dichloromethane is kind of the opposite of his older brother (also his father by some accounts) Chloromethane; Dichloromethane has been always nice to others. At least he tries to be good to humans by interaction. He loves children and gives them toys. DCM still does not like humans in general and bites people in any case of slight disagreement. He does not like people (male or female) who are named any variant of the name "Nicholas" and says that he will bite them. He has an open crush his co-worker Methanol. He does not like anyone getting on his way.

Dichloromethane does not want anyone who is not close to him to call him "Methylene Chloride", he says that this name was given by Chloroform and Methanol.


DCM has shoulder-length hair that is naturally coloured dark blue and light pink in 50/50 ratio. His eyes are slightly slanted and dark red-coloured, his skin is pale. He is slim and 182 centimetres tall. He has a voice alike to the vocals in "Something Wrong" by Clan of Xymox.

Dichloromethane is frequently seen wearing his uniform outside of work. He likes to wear dresses, especially the ones he found in Chloroform's old wardrobes. He especially wears his sister's clothes to make her uncomfortable for fun.


DCM primarily does paint-removing work by going to his clients' houses. It is strange for an Organochloride to work in the food industry but Dichloromethane works in the decaffeination of coffee and tea (often in competition with Ethyl Acetate) and aroma extraction. He is a mechanical engineer and makes small stuff like toys.

DCM is often harsh in his work and has physically harassed some of his human clients. He is known for killing some workers in his field. Because of his homicidal potential, he is banned from working in public in the United States and the European Union. Despite these, DCM is still considered the nicest one in his family.