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Halothane (Bromochlorotrifluoroethane) is an anaesthetist from the Organobromide, Organochloride and Organofluoride families. She is mostly called Fluothane at workspace. She was created by humans solely for working in anaesthesia. As of 2024, she is 73 years old. She loves working with children. Halothane is the granddaughter of Trichloroethylene who worked as an anaesthetist prior to Halothane.

Personality and work

Halothane is a very tolarent, kind and sweet person. She apologises for her wrongdoings.

Halothane is often mysterious. It is unclear if she genuinely likes the anaesthesia field or she likes it for being created for this purpose. She never talks about being replaced by the Fluranes. She works with Nitrous Oxide and had previously worked with Trichloroethylene. Her analgesic talent was found to be insufficient and she had to work with other Anaesthetists.


Halothane is a tall (about 190 cm tall) woman with turquoise, light pink, light orange and navy hair which she separates into 6 braids during work. She always wears her uniform and a lab coat.

She is very heavy and physically stronger than an average human male.