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Chloral is a minor character in Chemical Culture. Often called "Mickey Finn" and "The Modern Morpheus", he is known for his hypnotic/sedative drug chloral hydrate which he began to make in 1869. As of 2023, he is 191 years old. Chloral is the father of Chloroform and DDT.


Chloral is a pale-skinned young-looking man. He is slim and 172 centimetres tall, he has long curly hair that is naturally coloured red at the top and dark blue at the bottom. Chloral has a deep voice. He wears make-up and dresses like a magician-doctor combination.

Personality and relationships

Chloral is a very calm person, he is respectful, helpful and kind. He will help you sleep better at night. Just like his daughter Chloroform, he is accused of crimes which he is physically unable to commit. He hates the works of fiction that portray him as a criminal. He is not familiar with the Chlorocarbons. Chlorbutanol is Chloral's friend.


Chloral first appeared in Germany, in 1832. He released a narcotic drug named "chloral hydrate" in 1869. Many said that he was inspired by/jealous of Chloroform's success in anaesthesia and he tried to get into a similar field, Chloral has denied the accusations.

Chloral has been accused of making his customers addicted to his drug and pushing people to suicide.