Trichloroethane I

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Trichloroethane I was executed for crimes against the ozone layer.
Deserved? Probably not.

Trichloroethane I or Methyl Chloroform (Tricia Ruth Coleman) was a Chlorinated Ethane who used to be a photographer who was executed for "crimes against the ozone layer" in 1996. Trichloroethane I was very friendly to everyone, including humans. She was "a bit" introverted and shy. She was very good with cleaning metals in the industry. Trichloroethane I had worked as a dry cleaner for a short time before her execution.

Personality, relationships and work

Trichloroethane I was a kind and friendly Chemical who liked helping humans and her work. She worked in metal cleaning after humans preferred to work with her instead of Trichloroethylene after the 1950s, as they trusted Trichloroethane more. Trichloroethylene did not like being replaced and hated Trichloroethane. Trichloroethane was afraid of Trichloroethylene. Trichloroethylene took her place back after her execution.

She owned a photo studio in Germany. Dioxane was her partner in the 1980s. Humans decided to forcefully retire her out of any work she was doing at the time and execute her for "crimes against the ozone layer" in 1996. Her situation made many Chlorocarbons who work in different industries worry about their fate and began to blame Trichloroethane I. She was 156 at the time of her execution.


Trichloroethane I is a tall woman with split coloured hair. Unlike the Chloromethanes, her family (Chloroethanes) have dark blue coloured hair section on their left side and light pink coloured part in their right side. Her hair is 50/50 pink and blue. Her eyes are dark red like most Chlorocarbons.